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messy hair
messy life

Holy notes already…

How can someone be so flawless

Anonymous asked: You're such a dickhead but you're so perfect. I don't understand it just ugh, be mine

Don’t know if i should say thank you or not? ha ha but hey why not im a dickhead :P.

Anonymous asked: Its like chromosome or something like that but to do with art. Idk.

That is very cool!

Anonymous asked: But daym boy! Have you seen her blog? shes bangin ;D

Ha Ha no I have not seen her blog

Anonymous asked: i thought you likedmel? you guys seemed pretty cozy at uni the other night ;)

ha ha nope :-)

Anonymous asked: I'm not gonna tell you who I am directly because it would complicate a lot and we wouldn't be together anyways because a lot of factors interfere. We're better off as friends, trust me (: but you tell me a lot and we got kinda close really quickly and I like that so I'm not gonna ruin it. I hope you find someone special soon, you deserve it x

aw i would still like to know who you are :-). thanks so much i also hope you find someone too!

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